September 27, 2020
ECSC sunset

Membership September 2020

Welcome to six additional members since our last reporting: Angela and Max Williams along with Cassidy and Ben of Zionsville, sailing a Hunter 260. Jonathan and Rachel Schmidt of Indianapolis, sailing a Capri 16.5. John and Lynn Walesky along with Ben, Katie & Alli of Indianapolis. Michael & Holly Meyers along with Collin and Marin of Indy. James & Rebecca McClung of Martinsville, sailing a J22. Tammy Ray and Steve Moore of Indianapolis It has been a busy season for membership with 21 new members to date. If by chance you have not put your 2020 decals on your boat and trailer, please still do so. This will be important if your boat remains on the grounds through the winter (winter storage fee is $75, to be paid with next year’s dues). A reminder that the AED Unit is located on the east wall of the Race Shed. It is active and ready for use and will remain so throughout the winter months. Jane Schmidt Christy Merriman
August 21, 2020
ECSC night sail

Membership August 2020

Membership Welcome to new members: Tom Ortman of Indianapolis. Also Dustin Riley and Kelsey Foster of Indy sailing a Hunter 22 and Hobie 16. This brings our total new members in 2020 to 16 which is a little lower than usual for this time of year, but better than might be expected with all that has been happening. August to date has been a quiet month with the need to cancel our New Member orientation due to the Covid-19 issues. All new members and any prospective members are encouraged to contact Christy or me directly with any questions. Christy has offered to give private tours for new members, if interested. And as reminder, after September 1st a person can join for the remaining months of 2020 by paying just the initiation fee. Jane Schmidt Christy Merriman
July 12, 2020

Membership July 2020

A BIG WELCOME to 13 new members: (listed in the order that they joined in 2020) - Kevin & Jennifer Anderson of Indianapolis, sailing a West Wight Potter named Pirates Pride. - Abigail Harlan of Zionsville. Abigail is a legacy as her parents, Chris & Laura, were members. - Doug & Suzanne Phebus with children Erika, Kaleb & Olivia of Plainfield, sailing a 26’ Clipper Marine. - Bruce & Claudia Kampenga of Carmel with son, Marshall, sailing a Venture. - Mack Chittenden & Clair Purtell along with daughter, Rayanne, of Indianapolis sailing a 16’ Hobie Cat. - Cory Irwin & Ashley Adkins of Indianapolis. - Ryan Ricci & Beth Hoskins along with Ava, Keegan & Macy of Indy, sailing a 22’ Catalina Sport. - Scott Lisinski along with Aleksa and Luke of Indy, sailing a 26’ Hunter named Incommunicado. - Gwen Reller of Indy along with her son, Jacob, sailing a 22’ Catalina sport named Wind Seeker. - Greg Keeker of Indianapolis with a 22’ O’Day named Marianne. - Christopher & Courtney Parker from Brownsburg sailing a 23’ Precision. - Jackson West from Lebanon sailing a 26’ Southcoast. - Reagan Lessick, a legacy member, daughter of Chuck & Jacqui. Reagan grew up in our sailing program and went on to become an instructor. She has a Hunter 216 named Chupacabra. We will offer a New Member Orientation on Saturday, July 25, meeting by the launch ramp at 1:00 pm. We will need to be aware of the social distancing and mask wearing guidelines as well as anything else that might be in place at that time. This is open to all new members, all prospective members, and anyone wanting to know more about the club. Christy Merriman will be the lead person for this event. RSVP to Christy:  317-306-1640 As always, the club’s AED unit is functioning and ready for use if ever needed. It is located on the East outside wall of the racing shed. We have both the adult and pediatric pads. Jane Schmidt & Christy Merriman Membership Chairs
June 15, 2020

Membership June 2020

Seven new members have joined ECSC in 2020 plus two membership applications pending. There presently is a wait list for slips so if any members have paid for a slip and find they will not be using it, please contact our Harbormaster, Kenny Chapman, and he will probably be able to sublease your slip. This means that your annual slip fee for 2020 would be returned to you, and you would retain ownership of that slip for the 2021 season. For those of you who store your sails in the sail loft shed, it now has a new lock. Your key - SL 16 - will open that lock. We will schedule a new member orientation session but the date for that has not yet been determined. In the meantime any questions that new members might have can be directed to any of the club officers, or to Jane and Christy. Jane Schmidt  & Christy Merriman Membership Chairman   |  Assistant Membership Chairman
May 11, 2020

Membership May 2020

Membership, The 2020 Membership Directory was mailed last week. New member applications continue to be submitted on our website at: There is presently a waiting list for wet slips, but it is fairly short. New Member Orientation sessions are presently on hold, but will probably be able to be scheduled in June or July. Hope we can all be out on the water soon If you have paid for a 2020 wet slip but feel like you don’t want to use it, please contact us. It can be subleased and your $385 will be returned to you. Jane Schmidt & Christy Merriman ECSC Membership
April 12, 2020

Membership April 2020

Membership The membership drive for 2020 is complete. Total active membership is presently 246. 21 members chose not to renew their memberships. 10 of those had assigned slips so those became available. Another 10 remained members, but gave up their slips. Plus we had 4 members who wanted to sublease their slip for the season. As a result of this, our Harbormaster, Kenny Chapman, was able to satisfy the requests of everyone who wanted a slip. Great job, Kenny and Ki, in completing this big job of slip assignments in record time. The slip charts are posted at the club in three places: Race Shed, upper shelter and on the door of the power wash shed. Any questions or concerns, please contact Kenny. We have had 3 new members join in 2020 and they may have asked to be on the wait list, but for the first time in quite a few years, we will have a very short wait for slips. The next step is to pull all this information together, get it to the printer and mail your 2020 Membership Booklets. You should have these in your hands by mid May at the latest. Jane Schmidt ECSC Membership Chairman
March 5, 2020

Membership March 2020

The deadline for membership dues and slip payment was 2/29/20.  200+ checks have been received, processed and boat and trailer decals are in the mail, with the last batch mailed on 3/4.   On your first visit to the club, please put your 2020 decals on your boat and trailer. The next step in our yearly process will be for Harbormasters, Kenny Chapman and Ki Hickok, to sort through the paper work and make slip assignments for the 2020 season. This is usually completed by early April. At that time a slip chart will be posted at the club and on our website at   This will show your slip assignment. We will also be gathering together all information necessary to print our annual membership booklet.  This is usually mailed to your home late April-early May.   Any questions, feel free to call us. Jane Schmidt.   Christy Merriman