May 15, 2023

Publicity – May 2023

Pictures If you have pictures from the club - social events, racing, out cruising - and you wouldn't mind sharing them with us we would love to be able to put them on the site and/or to include them in telltales articles.  You can send them to publicity [at] and if you would like credit to be given please let us know with the images how you would like them attributed. The next version of the website and struggles with the current version Work continues on the new version of our website.  We've been facing some issues with the publication of the newsletter and proper formatting of the newsletter particularly for archived editions of the telltales. While we hope to have the new version of the site ready soon the current version keeps absorbing time and taking away from the time available to develop the newest version of the site. We appreciate your patience as we work through the issues on the current site and continue to work on the new version of the site and ask that if you spot any issues at all with the website to please reach out to us at publicity [at] and let us know. Thanks! Michael Denney Phyllis Gillingham ECSC Publicity
May 15, 2023

Junior Sailing – May 2023

​Well, Boys and Girls:



Jr. Sailing Camp 2023


All three class weeks are fill up..


(But check back on the Web Page, there might be some late opens.)


The 8-12 age group filled up with-in 2 weeks. This year we were limited to 60 kids, we lost Two instructors this year due to moving and going to college. We require they pass the US Sailing Level 1's, Instructors course, CPR and Red Cross certificates. Those that pass the first time, will have US Sailing Level 1's fee's reimbursed. They can start at age 15, also must have Indiana Power Boat Permit.



Jr. Team News


Wayne's World : The weather man said, Cold and light wind both days.

Boy did he get it right, wind out of the south east...shift... south west.

Saturday's wind was predictable, a time shift!

When the wind comes across the dam, check your watch,

in about 2-3 minutes watch for the shift!

On to the race, we got in 5 races, 8-10 out of the south...

Reagan Lessick show her speed and knowledge of Eagle Ocean.

Olivia DeGrella was fast down wind, but her team mate Reagan did her job to finish 1st overall. Tony Hubbard finished 3rd. After 2 capsizes going up wind. Ralph Merriman pulled him out with in our 45 second time rescue duty. (cold water, NO wet suit)

Our hat is off to Kenny Chapman and Bob Hickock also.


Many Thanks to all the help you guys!




For more update news and pictures check us out on facebook:

ECSC Junior Sailing Team

May 15, 2023

Commodore – May 2023

Commodores report –


Lease renegotiation –


Brittany Davis – I emailed mid April regarding the need to get a meeting on the books as lease expires at the end of 2023.  Have not heard back yet.


After discussions with member Jim Weir, who has been involved in numerous lease renegotiations, he gave us the contact of Don Colvin who has is a deputy director at Indy Parks.  Ej has reached out to him also.


We have had a real estate appraisal done by Mark Ratterman of Resource LLC.  This was done so that we have our own independent appraisal as opposed to just using the City’s.  For the last 2 lease renegotiations, the city has done an appraisal and set our rent at 10% of Appraised Value.  From 2005 to 2012 it was set at $40,500. From 2013 to the present it was set at $47,150.  Our independent appraisal came in at about 20 percent increase from our current levels.


In the past we have argued unsuccessfully that we should not have to pay the standard retail rate of 10% of assessed value as we are not a “for profit” business and in fact our lease states that we and our members cannot receive compensation.  As many of you also know, we were established in partnership with the City when the reservoir was formed as the city leaders at that time want a reservoir with sailboats and a family atmosphere.  


We will remind the city of all these things, but will likely still be dealing with paying our rent at 10% of valuation.


EJ has continued to work on getting the gate at the top of the hill automated (as the rest of the parks gates are) however, we feel that until we are on solid ground with the city/lease it isn’t prudent to make any major capital expenses.  In fact, my last email regarding lease renegotiations stated that we have several large ticket capital expenses ready to go but want to ensure that the lease is going smoothly before committing to things like gates, docks and other major capital expenses.


I will discuss lease renegotiation expenses in new business and the DEI initiatives in old business.

May 15, 2023

Social – May 2023

Thank you for all who attended the Mother’s Day Brunch!  A big shout out to Les and Amy Miller for hosting!  They continue to contribute volunteer hours to the club supporting multiple committees.  This is what makes ECSC such a great place to sail and socialize.  We are looking forward to kicking off Memorial Day weekend with our kickoff event on Saturday evening, May 27th.  Along with our typical pitch in, we will have a DJ so make sure to wear your dancing shoes!! 


The club will provide the main course and beverages for social events.  We ask that attendees bring a dish to share in true pitch-in fashion.   


We have already had several requests to reserve the upper shelter.  When planning an event at the club, please take into consideration that we are on a septic tank and have limited parking.  Having guests carpool is ideal.  We do require a $250 deposit that is refundable or applied to assessed damages. Please submit your requests to the Commadore for approval. 


You may find all social and private events on the ECSC calendar located on the website.  Below is a quick snapshot of the season’s events.  Those in bold font require RSVP and Pre-payment.  More details to come closer to the events.


Memorial Day – Saturday, May 27th – 6:00 pm – Host/hostess needed

Father’s Day – Sunday, June 18th – 11:00 am – Hosted by the Orndorff’s

Kid’s Day – Saturday, July 1st – 11:00 am – Host/hostess needed

Beach Party – Saturday, July 15th – 6:00 pm – Hosted by Nick Mates and crew

Labor Day – Saturday, Sept 2nd – 6:00 pm – Host/hostess needed

Lobster Fest – Saturday, Sept 23rd – 6:00 pm – Hosted by the Orndorff’s

Chili Cookoff – Saturday, Oct 7th – 6:00 pm – Host/hostess needed

Final Bash – Saturday, Nov 4th – 6:00 pm – Hosted by Ki and Erin Hickok


 Thank you in advance to those willing to volunteer their time to assist in making our club a more enjoyable place to be. 


 Vickie Greenough – Social Chair

Jennifer Curtis – Asst. Social Chair

May 15, 2023

Secretary – May 2023

The Board of Directors meeting dates and times are available the club's website calendar. If you want to be on the distribution list to receive a copy of the Minutes of the Board of Directors meetings, you may send your request by email to Minutes are not posted on the website. 


If you have an interest in serving on the Board of Directors when elections come around in November, you may always contact a current Director to let them know or send me an email identifying your interest. Please be sure to read Article III / Section 2 of the Bylaws. 


Rich Fox


May 15, 2023

Safety & Education – May 2023

Safety & Education Committee Update


On March 25th, Safety & Education facilitated the "Prepping Your Boat for the Upcoming Season" seminar. It was well attended and received positive feedback!

The next seminar scheduled based upon the results of the Safety & Ed Survey will be "MOB Training & Other Ways To Stay Safe." The first half of the class will be on land to review boating safety and sailing safety tips. The second half of the class will be conducted on the water with man overboard drills and scenarios. Bring your swimsuit, wetsuit, and PFD! 

Date and Time TBD once volunteer instructor is confirmed. 


Coast Guard Safety Vessel Checks will be offered at no cost to our members throughout the month of July. Multiple days and times will be offered to accommodate people's schedules. Look for a registration link soon. 


DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion)  Committee Update 

A DEI sub committee has been formed under the umbrella of Safety and Education in an effort to diversify our club and share the wonderful sport of sailing with all communities. Current committee members are Abigail Harlan, Al Wilkins, Amy Miller, and Katie DeGrella. We are excited to share that the below DEI Statement was accepted in the May 8th board meeting!


Eagle Creek Sailing Club strives to celebrate the diverse people and families that make up Marion County and our surrounding communities. We are committed to providing equitable, safe, and inclusive access to sailing, social activities, racing programs, and sailing education.


This initiative is in its infancy, and the committee will work hard to establish short and long term goals. Two organizations that were considered and consulted as we developed this statement were US Sailing and Indy Parks. 

For more information on what US Sailing is doing in this area, visit

For more information on what Indy Parks is doing in this area, visit:


Thank you to the members who have already shown support and enthusiasm for this initiative! If you would like to become involved, please contact Abigail Harlan at

DEI Statement (Click to view full size)

Abigail Harlan (she/her)


Mobile: 317-695-8877

WhatsApp: Abigail Harlan

May 15, 2023

Facilities – May 2023

The shelter now has new shingles, with a water barrier, to replace the ones nobody has any idea how old they were. A few boards on the underside of the roof that were rotting away  were also replaced. We still need the proper color stain for them.

After consultation with the Harbor Master, we installed a simple parking guide for your empty trailer. A yellow rope that delineates the center of the field so you have a mark for the back of your trailer.

A couple of items found: 1) a spare tire on the way to trailer parking and 2) some money lying on the floor of the shelter. If you think they may be yours, email me using the address in the directory.

With help from Erich and Bob we have passed our bacteria and nitrate water tests as required by IDEM. Yeah, clean water.

An extra thanks to Dennis, Jerry, Kenny & Dr Bob for helping the Grounds Committee while they were doing Harbormaster work.