Membership June 2020

Seven new members have joined ECSC in 2020 plus two membership applications pending. There presently is a wait list for slips so if any members have paid for a slip and find they will not be using it, please contact our Harbormaster, Kenny Chapman, and he will probably be able to sublease your slip. This means that your annual slip fee for 2020 would be returned to you, and you would retain ownership of that slip for the 2021 season.

For those of you who store your sails in the sail loft shed, it now has a new lock. Your key – SL 16 – will open that lock.

We will schedule a new member orientation session but the date for that has not yet been determined. In the meantime any questions that new members might have can be directed to any of the club officers, or to Jane and Christy.

Jane Schmidt  & Christy Merriman
Membership Chairman   |  Assistant Membership Chairman