July 4, 2018

Racing July 2018

How to Start Faster

Part #2 It’s make or break time out on the racecourse, MARK RUSHALL explains how to get a flying start and what to do when things don’t go quite toplan. Using a Transit Especially in smaller fleets, a transit is a great indicator of where you are relative to the line. Without a transit it is easy to judge a “long line” when close to the pin or the committee boat, but much more difficult in the middle of line. Using a transit in individual practice also helps develop other ways to judge just where the line is. (See fig.1) How to Start - Fig 1 Before the start, sail down an extension of the line. Find a stationery object (in this case the clock tower), which is on the direct line of committee boat and pin end. Wherever you are positioned on the start line, if the clock is directly behind the pin, you are right on the line. If the clock is on the course side of the pin, you are over, and if the clock is on the pre-start side, you are behind. (Note that if you don’t have a bowman standing at the front, you need to allow for the distance to the bow).
Some like to try to find a ‘safe transit’ by lining up about two boats lengths behind the committee boat. In the example (fig.1) the Eiffel Tower has been handily relocated to our shoreline. Two boats lengths at the committee boat equates to one boat length at the midpoint, less as you start closer to the pin. The transit frequently becomes obscured close to start time.  Lining up alongside nearby boats (the sheep principle) will give an average start, but if there is a line bulge, an OCS. If there is a sag, we are giving away ground to those at the ends of the line. Line judging skills come with practice. I recently learned a simple trick from Paul Goodison, ‘Point the boat directly at the pin, holding the tiller dead central. Now sight aft straight along the tiller. If you are sighting behind the committee boat, you are behind the line. If you are sighting in front, you are over. On the waterfront, attendance and fun competition on the lake for racing has been great!  Come early on Wednesday if you want a good parking spot! Spring Series is complete for the Wednesday Spring Series.  Super Sundays continue on the 4th Sunday of the month. Summer Wednesday Series begins on July 4th with patriotic party favors and a raft up after racing for those who want to see different fireworks displays from the water (food and snacks provided). The ECSC Regatta in on Saturday July 7th and it FREE for all registered club members!  We will have a light breakfast and sandwiches for on the water.  Dinner at the Beach Party must be reserved by emailing or contacting Nick Mates by July 4th.  We will hand out awards for the ECSC regatta and Wednesday Spring Series at the Beach Party. See you then.  Bob Hickok and John George - Race Committee
July 2, 2018

Commodore July 2018

July is looking like it will be a very busy month at the club!  We will be starting out with the Flying Scot- J22 Regatta the 30th of June and 1st of July.  July Fourth will feature our annual Pig Roast and pitch-in, so please bring your favorite side dish to share and a healthy appetite and join in the fun and camaraderie!  Wednesday Summer series and Super Sunday Summer series racing start this month as well. The ECSC Regatta and Beach Party is scheduled for July 7th, so get your crew together and come out to race or just join in the fun at the Beach Party!  As you can see, there are plenty of activities for everyone to enjoy at the club this month.  Please enjoy yourselves, remember to stay hydrated during the hot temperatures, and above all, please be safe!  

8 Bells for Dave Dyer

ECSC mourns the loss of longtime member Dave Dyer   David Peter Dyer, also known to his wife Nancy, as the “Red Headed Scotsman” passed away on June 10, 2018 at the age of 72 years. Dave and his twin brother were born on October 27, 1945 to David and Margaret Fletcher Dyer in Glasgow, Scotland. The Dyer family travelled to the United States aboard the RMS Mauretania in 1947 and lived in Stillwater, Oklahoma until moving to Lafayette in 1949. Dave attended elementary school in the Lafayette School district and graduated from Lafayette Jefferson High in 1963. While attending Purdue University, he enlisted in the Army National Guard and he faithfully served his country in many different capacities, retiring as Major Dyer. He married Nancy Ferdinand in 1969. Dave and his family moved from Lafayette to Indianapolis in 1975. Dave enjoyed many outdoor activities, passing the days away as captain of his sailboat, Caledonia, at Eagle Creek, riding throughout the Unites States on his Harley Davidson motorcycle, and last but certainly first on his list of favorites his 1999 Jaguar XK8. He was preceded in death by his Father, David, Mother Margaret, and sister Gwendiline. He will be missed by Nancy, his wife of 50 years. Daughter, Darcy Britt of Whiteland, and Jamie Holland of Indianapolis. Four Grandchildren and twin brother Alistair Dyer of West Lafayette. Look for further postings on the ECSC Facebook page.  

Mark Walker

ECSC Commodore 2108

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July 2, 2018

Social – July 2018

I want to thank Katie Smith, Susan Roberts, and Les Miller for stepping up and assisting Grill Master, Tony Rice and I pull off Father’s Day Brunch.  The heat was definitely on!
Please join our host/hostess Steve and Sarah McQueen for our 4th of July Pig Roast.  We will begin serving at 3:00pm.  The forecast looks like it will be a great day!
Saturday, July 7th, is our beach party!  Nick Mates and his crew have been working diligently on making this the best beach party ever!  RSVP to nick at nrmates@gmail.com before July 4 as he needs a head count for the caterers. We will kick things off at 5:00.  Great food, live music, and good friends!
I am still looking for someone to host Labor Day.  Hosting can earn you up to $150 off of your 2019 club fees!  Please let me know if you are interested in this opportunity!  317-eight four seven-7400
Lobster Fest is just around the corner.  Be on the look out for more info on how to reserve your meal.
Happy Sailing,
July 4th 3:00-5:00 - Pig Roast Hosted by Steve and Sarah McQueen
July 7th  5:00-7:00 - Beech Party Hosted by Nick Mates
August 18th 5:00-7:00 - Lobster Fest
September 3rd 3:30-5:30 - Labor Day
October 13th 5:30-7:00 - Chili  Cook-off Hosted by Jennifer Curtis
November 3rd 6:00-9:00 - Final Bash
July 2, 2018

Harbormaster – July 2018

I hope everyone is having fun out on their boat this summer. To the people that are waiting on slips - I have filled a few more empty slips so your seniority number has moved up and hopefully we can get you in by the end the season. July 7 we have our annual ECSE regatta and beach party. All boats parked around the kayak shed and gravel lot adjacent to it and the beach should have their boats moved by the July 6. I am also looking for volunteers to clean up the beach before the beach party please contact me if you’re interested.
Dennis Robertson (317)-three three nine-7371
July 2, 2018

Racing July 2018


Coming Soon

                    Follow this link for more info on ECSC Ladies Day - ECSC Ladies    
July 2, 2018

Membership – July 2018

Welcome to new members -  Rick and Phyllis Gillingham along with Lauren and Anastasia of Indianapolis - sailing a Catalina 22.  Also we welcome returning members Glen and Elizabeth Fuller and their children, Isabella and Ava of Indianapolis.  They will be sailing Hunter 23.5.
We appreciate that recently some members decided to sublease for the remainder of the season.  As a result 2 additional new members who joined in the fall of 2017 were able to put their boats in the water.   On the present wait list, we still have 3 members who joined late in 2017  along with 4 members who have joined in 2018.  So if anyone has decided they are not going to put their boat in the water in 2018, please let Dennis Robertson know ASAP.   Up until 7/4, we are still reimbursing the total slip fee.  After that date, we will start to prorate.
Jane Schmidt    Christy Merriman
July 2, 2018

Safety and Education July 2018

The ECSC Junior Sailing Team has had a very productive month! They had a regatta at Berlin Yacht Club that came with no wind and they only got one race started. Reagan Lessuck got a 13th, Jack Hadlock an 18th, and Olivia DeGrella got 31st out of 32 boats that weekend. Next the team went to Erie Yacht Club for the next race on the circuit. There was slightly more wind this regatta and they got off three races before they had to call it a day. Reagan Lessick got 9th, Grant Goff placed 30th, and Jack Hadlock placed 33rd out of the 33 boats that competed. Most Recently, Reagan traveled to Edgewater Yacht Club to participate in the Cleveland Race Week as they hosted a junior regatta. The day came with all different wind conditions, starting off light than building throughout the day to pretty heavy winds. She finished 15th out of 38 boats. Great job team!

The ECSC Junior Sailing Camp is under way! The first week went by smoothly. The 25 sailors in class that week were eager to sail every day and learned a lot, but most importantly they had a lot of fun! They played games on the water, like capture-the-flag, to help hone their developing skills. They learned some handy knots and many other things to help start them on the track to becoming great sailors! We look forward to seeing these campers around the club again next year for camp!

Chuck Lessick