Membership March 2020

The deadline for membership dues and slip payment was 2/29/20.  200+ checks have been received, processed and boat and trailer decals are in the mail, with the last batch mailed on 3/4.   On your first visit to the club, please put your 2020 decals on your boat and trailer.

The next step in our yearly process will be for Harbormasters, Kenny Chapman and Ki Hickok, to sort through the paper work and make slip assignments for the 2020 season. This is usually completed by early April. At that time a slip chart will be posted at the club and on our website at   This will show your slip assignment.

We will also be gathering together all information necessary to print our annual membership booklet.  This is usually mailed to your home late April-early May.   Any questions, feel free to call us.

Jane Schmidt.   Christy Merriman