February 23, 2022
ECSC Winter pic

Commodore February 2022

Happy New Year sailors! My name is Ki Hickok, your new Commodore. Thank you for giving me the chance to serve the members of this wonderful club. I first got into sailing thanks to my dad, Bob Hickok. My first memory of sailing was at Hobie Beach along with traveling to different Hobie regattas. I was both enamored and terrified of sailing at the same time. I guess being so little and being on a Hobie could do that to you. I remember always being terrified of flying a hull on the Hobie or heeling on any sailboat. Now, that's all I want to do. I was introduced to this beautiful sailing club in 2000 thanks to Janet Hickok. A new world was opened to me. I always thought the only sailboat out there was a catamaran. Ha ha! Thanks to my dad's and Wayne Myers' guidance and teachings, I really got into sailing and racing...it was mesmerizing. I learned a lot about how to have fun, work hard, and have perseverance. I wanted to keep that going for other kids from ECSC and the Indy area, so I was graciously given the opportunity to chair the Safety & Education program from 2010-2012. I then went on to be assistant harbormaster in 2019 and 2020 - and, of course, vice Commodore in 2021. Again thank you for giving me this opportunity to serve and I look forward to working diligently and hopefully effectively in making Eagle Creek Sailing Club a better place for all of our members and guests. We have a great cast of Officers, Committee Heads, and board members who are looking forward to this coming year with excitement, dedication, and enthusiasm! This year for the first time ever, Eagle Creek Sailing Club's entire membership registration is online, as well as different payment options. Thank you Perry Cameron, our membership chair, for all the hard work in getting this club into the 21st century. If you have not completed your 2022 registration yet, please make sure you do so ASAP - as the deadline is quickly approaching (Feb 28th). Also this year, we have a new Officer position, the Facilities Manager! ECSC's own Bill Harrington has graciously agreed to head the grounds committee as Facilities Manager. For all the new members who may not know, Bill is our current longest-standing member at ECSC (Membership #1). Thank you, Bill, for being the first Facilities Manager ever. Currently, we have had two board meetings to get things prepared for a wonderful 2022 at ECSC. One on December 14th, at which the 2022 budget was approved. The other was on February 8th, when we discussed changes to the bylaws, general rules, and other needed capital expenses. A list of just a few of the much-needed improvements for the year include: - The deck around the main shelter will be repaired and repainted. - The steps to the main shelter will be repaired and repainted. - A new playground will be installed behind the upper shelter. Along with much much more... Feel free to contact me for help and or any questions. I'm looking forward to seeing some new and familiar faces around the club this year. Happy Sailing, Ki Hickok Commodore
February 23, 2022
winter sailing

Secretary February 2022

In my role as club Secretary, I am going to report on Board business that really does not fall into any Officer or Committee areas on topics of which I think the membership should be made aware. The General Rules have been updated. Club members shall be fined the equivalent of the current year's winter storage fee if they fail to place their current ECSC membership decal on their boat and trailer by December 1st. The club doesn't really need the money. However, the Board finally said "enough is enough" with members who do not properly tag their boats and trailers. Missing membership decals requires more time and effort by the harbormaster and membership committees to figure out winter storage invoicing. We also know that members who do not place the membership decals on their boats and trailers are typically those whose boats and trailers are more likely to become derelict and abandoned. Now is also a good time to review the Derelict Boat & Trailer policy within the General Rules (click here) For most members, this policy is a non-issue. However, for the dozen or so members who continue to treat ECSC as a cheap parking place and dumping ground, either shape up or pay up as we want to make Eagle Creek Sailing Club an attractive and enjoyable facility for everybody to be proud of. The Board also approved a new Social Media policy - also posted in the General Rules. The last page of the General Rules includes a history of changes during the past year. In the next issue of Telltales, I will update you on the Bylaws. Rich Fox ECSC Secretary
February 23, 2022
ECSC Winter Pic 3

Facilities February 2022

So here we are, almost at a new sailing/fun season. The Buildings and Grounds Committee is in charge of all of the facilities at the club with Ki, Rick, Tom, Dennis, David, and myself, Bill, trying to keep things in good working order. We have gotten together to figure out what needs to be repaired, replaced, or added to keep our property "shining." So far, the green lawn mower has been repaired and a new green-utility vehicle (Gator) has been added for hauling and moving empty trailers. We have also ordered a new playground set to be installed behind the upper shelter. The kit will be delivered somewhere around the end of March and will require several helping hands to help unloading from the delivery vehicle. Also, a bunch of hands with hammers, drills, screwdrivers, etc. attached will be needed for "some assembly required." The manufacturer does assemble it to make sure everything fits properly - then they disassemble it for shipping. The actual assembly dates are flexible. If you have interest in helping, please email me at bill at ecsail dot org. playground2 playground1 There will also be a new swing set and maybe monkey bars added on the lower level. Think windy, warm weather. Bill Harrington Facilities Manager
February 23, 2022
Ki final bash

Social February 2022

This is the time of year when our days begin to stretch longer as our daylight hours are extended.  Life in the form of waxing, repairing, and spring cleaning will fill our quiet club as we transition to spring.  Meanwhile, we continue to plan for the new season filled with social events and regattas to fill the souls of our fellow sailors.

I want to welcome Jen Curtis as our 2022 Social Chair Assistant!  She has successfully managed our Chili Cookoff for as long as I can remember and is ready and eager to expand her hosting abilities.  We have a calendar full of fun and are seeking volunteers to host and help with our events.  If you have an interest in supporting social events, please let us know.  You will earn work credits that convert to cash off next year’s dues! Below is our calendar of events: Mother’s Day Brunch – Sunday, May 8th from 11:30 – 1:30 Memorial Day Celebration – Saturday, May 28th from 6:00 – 9:00 Father’s Day Brunch – Sunday, June 19th from 11:30 – 1:30 Kids/Family Fun Day – Saturday, July 2nd, Time to be determined Beach Party – Saturday, July 16th, Time to be determined Labor Day Celebration – Saturday, September 3rd from 6:00 – 9:00 Lobster Fest – Saturday, September 24th, Time to be determined Chili Cookoff – Saturday, October 15th, Time to be determined Final Bash – Saturday, November 6th, Time to be determined Please feel free to contact Jen Curtis or me with any suggestions of how we can enhance your social experience.  You may locate us in the Sailing Club Directory. Vickie Greenough                      Jennifer Curtis
February 23, 2022
member sticker

Harbormaster February 2022

There are new updates to the General Rules when it comes to membership stickers.  Boats that do not have up-to-date stickers by December 1st will be fined the equivalent of an extra winter storage fee. Each boat must display a current membership sticker on the port bow. Each trailer also needs to display a current membership sticker on or near its tongue. Membership stickers must be on the boat and trailer no later than June 1, or within 30 days of acceptance of new membership. Failure to properly display a current membership sticker by December 1 shall result in a fine equivalent to the amount of current year‘s winner storage fee being automatically added to the members annual membership renewal statement. Let’s talk double-parked boats. Right now this is not a problem but when the weather gets warmer in a month then it's a different story. If you are parked in front of someone - and don't launch early - then don't be surprised if your boat is not where you left it. Dennis Robertson Harbormaster
February 23, 2022
Hot chocolate regatta

Racing February 2022

Racers, Have you started noticing that you are wearing your sunglasses to bed?  Started getting the mail in your shorts and flip flops? Or found yourself racing others to parking spots and shopping carts?  You have got a disease that peaks in February every year – Sailboat Racing Fever!  No vaccine nor mask can thwart its spread.  If you have a bad case, then Nancy and I have good news for you.  We have been planning a fun-filled racing season for you.  If you’re thinking we can’t start soon enough, then you will be happy to learn we are planning a racing-program get together in March to get your fever down and get you on the mend. Please put Wednesday March 23 at 7:00 PM onto your calendar.   Our plan is to have an organizational meeting for the racing program that evening and would hope that as many as possible interested in racing will attend.  This is whether you have raced in the past or have no racing experience at all and would be interested in learning a little more about it.  We will provide food and beverages.  Location is TBD. We will send out another notice with location in a couple of weeks. Our plan would be to get some feedback on the proposed racing schedule for this season, to talk about how the work credits for racing should be distributed, and how many credits should be given out for various regattas, events and activities.  We'll also address the implementation of the Dedicated Race Committee Proposal. Hope we are getting some of the juices flowing again and hope our spring meeting will get you back on track for summer sailing to come. John Kohne Nancy Goff
February 23, 2022
hot chocolate racers

Safety & Education February 2022

As we await Spring, the Winter Training Series continues at Indianapolis Sailing Club.  Most recently, pro sailor, Andrew Kerr, facilitated the North-U Trim Sails Seminar on February 12th where four Eagle Creek members were in attendance.  Next month’s free training is on March 5th and will cover basic racing tactics; don’t miss it! This season, Safety and Education will be offering expanded programming to meet the diverse needs of all ages and abilities at the club.  We will off free monthly Saturday morning workshops on topics such as outboard-engine maintenance, sail care and repair, useful knots, and basic-boating safety will be offered.  Look for more information as volunteer instructors and workshop topics are finalized. ECSC is also partnering with two new community partners in planning exciting educational opportunities for all members.  The Eagle Creek Park Ornithology Center will be facilitating open-water bird-watching workshops, and the Indiana Astronomical Society (IAS) will be offering a free celestial navigation course.  Additionally, IAS will be hosting star-viewing parties on our grounds where members will be able to use high-tech equipment to view the night sky alongside knowledgeable and seasoned astronomers.  More info to come as these partnerships develop. Being fit and strong enough to keep yourself, your boat, and your crew safe while sailing is vital...particularly as we graduate to bigger boats and waters.  This year ECSC will offer regular free yoga classes that focus on balance and strength.  Look for more info and the link to registration in April. Safety, as always, is a priority for the club.  The US Coast Guard Auxiliary will be conducting free vessel safety checks in late spring; dates will be shared when finalized.  CPR & First Aid will also be offered at the club this summer. Finally, if you have any suggestions for educational programming or would like to host a training/educational opportunity for the club, please contact me, Abby Harlan at apharlan15@gmail.com.   Abby Harlan Safety & Education