Facilities – May 2023

The shelter now has new shingles, with a water barrier, to replace the ones nobody has any idea how old they were. A few boards on the underside of the roof that were rotting away  were also replaced. We still need the proper color stain for them.

After consultation with the Harbor Master, we installed a simple parking guide for your empty trailer. A yellow rope that delineates the center of the field so you have a mark for the back of your trailer.

A couple of items found: 1) a spare tire on the way to trailer parking and 2) some money lying on the floor of the shelter. If you think they may be yours, email me using the address in the directory.

With help from Erich and Bob we have passed our bacteria and nitrate water tests as required by IDEM. Yeah, clean water.

An extra thanks to Dennis, Jerry, Kenny & Dr Bob for helping the Grounds Committee while they were doing Harbormaster work.