Publicity – May 2023


If you have pictures from the club – social events, racing, out cruising – and you wouldn’t mind sharing them with us we would love to be able to put them on the site and/or to include them in telltales articles.  You can send them to publicity [at] and if you would like credit to be given please let us know with the images how you would like them attributed.

The next version of the website and struggles with the current version

Work continues on the new version of our website.  We’ve been facing some issues with the publication of the newsletter and proper formatting of the newsletter particularly for archived editions of the telltales.

While we hope to have the new version of the site ready soon the current version keeps absorbing time and taking away from the time available to develop the newest version of the site.

We appreciate your patience as we work through the issues on the current site and continue to work on the new version of the site and ask that if you spot any issues at all with the website to please reach out to us at publicity [at] and let us know.


Michael Denney
Phyllis Gillingham
ECSC Publicity