Safety & Education – May 2023

Safety & Education Committee Update


On March 25th, Safety & Education facilitated the “Prepping Your Boat for the Upcoming Season” seminar. It was well attended and received positive feedback!

The next seminar scheduled based upon the results of the Safety & Ed Survey will be “MOB Training & Other Ways To Stay Safe.” The first half of the class will be on land to review boating safety and sailing safety tips. The second half of the class will be conducted on the water with man overboard drills and scenarios. Bring your swimsuit, wetsuit, and PFD! 

Date and Time TBD once volunteer instructor is confirmed. 


Coast Guard Safety Vessel Checks will be offered at no cost to our members throughout the month of July. Multiple days and times will be offered to accommodate people’s schedules. Look for a registration link soon. 


DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion)  Committee Update 

A DEI sub committee has been formed under the umbrella of Safety and Education in an effort to diversify our club and share the wonderful sport of sailing with all communities. Current committee members are Abigail Harlan, Al Wilkins, Amy Miller, and Katie DeGrella. We are excited to share that the below DEI Statement was accepted in the May 8th board meeting!


Eagle Creek Sailing Club strives to celebrate the diverse people and families that make up Marion County and our surrounding communities. We are committed to providing equitable, safe, and inclusive access to sailing, social activities, racing programs, and sailing education.


This initiative is in its infancy, and the committee will work hard to establish short and long term goals. Two organizations that were considered and consulted as we developed this statement were US Sailing and Indy Parks. 

For more information on what US Sailing is doing in this area, visit

For more information on what Indy Parks is doing in this area, visit:


Thank you to the members who have already shown support and enthusiasm for this initiative! If you would like to become involved, please contact Abigail Harlan at

DEI Statement
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Abigail Harlan (she/her)


Mobile: 317-695-8877

WhatsApp: Abigail Harlan