Secretary February 2022

winter sailing

winter sailing

In my role as club Secretary, I am going to report on Board business that really does not fall into any Officer or Committee areas on topics of which I think the membership should be made aware.

The General Rules have been updated. Club members shall be fined the equivalent of the current year’s winter storage fee if they fail to place their current ECSC membership decal on their boat and trailer by December 1st. The club doesn’t really need the money. However, the Board finally said “enough is enough” with members who do not properly tag their boats and trailers. Missing membership decals requires more time and effort by the harbormaster and membership committees to figure out winter storage invoicing. We also know that members who do not place the membership decals on their boats and trailers are typically those whose boats and trailers are more likely to become derelict and abandoned.

Now is also a good time to review the Derelict Boat & Trailer policy within the General Rules (click here) For most members, this policy is a non-issue. However, for the dozen or so members who continue to treat ECSC as a cheap parking place and dumping ground, either shape up or pay up as we want to make Eagle Creek Sailing Club an attractive and enjoyable facility for everybody to be proud of.

The Board also approved a new Social Media policy – also posted in the General Rules.

The last page of the General Rules includes a history of changes during the past year.

In the next issue of Telltales, I will update you on the Bylaws.

Rich Fox
ECSC Secretary