Commodore February 2022

ECSC Winter pic

ECSC Winter pic

Happy New Year sailors! My name is Ki Hickok, your new Commodore. Thank you for giving me the chance to serve the members of this wonderful club.

I first got into sailing thanks to my dad, Bob Hickok. My first memory of sailing was at Hobie Beach along with traveling to different Hobie regattas. I was both enamored and terrified of sailing at the same time. I guess being so little and being on a Hobie could do that to you. I remember always being terrified of flying a hull on the Hobie or heeling on any sailboat. Now, that’s all I want to do. I was introduced to this beautiful sailing club in 2000 thanks to Janet Hickok. A new world was opened to me. I always thought the only sailboat out there was a catamaran. Ha ha! Thanks to my dad’s and Wayne Myers’ guidance and teachings, I really got into sailing and racing…it was mesmerizing. I learned a lot about how to have fun, work hard, and have perseverance. I wanted to keep that going for other kids from ECSC and the Indy area, so I was graciously given the opportunity to chair the Safety & Education program from 2010-2012. I then went on to be assistant harbormaster in 2019 and 2020 – and, of course, vice Commodore in 2021. Again thank you for giving me this opportunity to serve and I look forward to working diligently and hopefully effectively in making Eagle Creek Sailing Club a better place for all of our members and guests.

We have a great cast of Officers, Committee Heads, and board members who are looking forward to this coming year with excitement, dedication, and enthusiasm!

This year for the first time ever, Eagle Creek Sailing Club’s entire membership registration is online, as well as different payment options. Thank you Perry Cameron, our membership chair, for all the hard work in getting this club into the 21st century. If you have not completed your 2022 registration yet, please make sure you do so ASAP – as the deadline is quickly approaching (Feb 28th).

Also this year, we have a new Officer position, the Facilities Manager! ECSC’s own Bill Harrington has graciously agreed to head the grounds committee as Facilities Manager. For all the new members who may not know, Bill is our current longest-standing member at ECSC (Membership #1). Thank you, Bill, for being the first Facilities Manager ever.

Currently, we have had two board meetings to get things prepared for a wonderful 2022 at ECSC. One on December 14th, at which the 2022 budget was approved. The other was on February 8th, when we discussed changes to the bylaws, general rules, and other needed capital expenses. A list of just a few of the much-needed improvements for the year include:

– The deck around the main shelter will be repaired and repainted.
– The steps to the main shelter will be repaired and repainted.
– A new playground will be installed behind the upper shelter.

Along with much much more…

Feel free to contact me for help and or any questions. I’m looking forward to seeing some new and familiar faces around the club this year.

Happy Sailing,

Ki Hickok