Membership – July 2018

Welcome to new members –  Rick and Phyllis Gillingham along with Lauren and Anastasia of Indianapolis – sailing a Catalina 22.  Also we welcome returning members Glen and Elizabeth Fuller and their children, Isabella and Ava of Indianapolis.  They will be sailing Hunter 23.5.
We appreciate that recently some members decided to sublease for the remainder of the season.  As a result 2 additional new members who joined in the fall of 2017 were able to put their boats in the water.   On the present wait list, we still have 3 members who joined late in 2017  along with 4 members who have joined in 2018.  So if anyone has decided they are not going to put their boat in the water in 2018, please let Dennis Robertson know ASAP.   Up until 7/4, we are still reimbursing the total slip fee.  After that date, we will start to prorate.
Jane Schmidt    Christy Merriman