Membership October 2019

Welcome to 5 new members since the last Tell Tales was published.   Susan and Philip Tennant of Indianapolis who actually joined earlier, but were not included in a prior Tell Tales, Marco and Vanessa Santiago of Avon sailing a Catalina 25, Dan and Julie Ciaccia of Carmel sailing a Capri 26, Jesse Wreidt and Tyler Yost of Indianapolis sailing a Capri 26 and Mark and Peggy Nommay of Speedway.   It’s been a busy month and a good year with 20 new members joining ECSC.
This will be our last Tell Tales for 2019. Please call Jane with any change of address.   Annual renewal forms will go out late in January with the due date 2/29/2020.  Anything postmarked after 2/29 will be considered late and you will lose your wet slip assignment.  If you did not have a permanent wet slip in 2019, your 2020 assignment will be based on your membership number and the receipt of payment for a slip by 2/29/2020.  You will be asked to do a separate check for the slip fee.  This check will be held for deposit until you are assigned a slip for 2020 or will be returned to you in the event that you do not receive a slip assignment.  Any questions, feel free to contact the harbormaster or membership chairman.
Our AED unit, located on the east side of the race shed, will remain in place and be operational throughout the winter months.
Christy and I are looking forward to handling membership duties for the upcoming sailing season.
Jane Schmidt    Christy Merriman