Membership July 2022

ECSC beach party collage 1

ECSC beach party collage 1

It is the midpoint of the year and time for an update on the state of membership. As of this writing we have had 10 new memberships this year, which is exactly the same amount of new memberships we had this time last year. We currently have 270 memberships, including the aforementioned new memberships and 3 return. I would like to welcome the following new members this year:

Tommy and Michelle Grant who are legacy siblings and children of long time members Bill and Kim Grant.

Eamonn and Patricia Warren sailing an Ultimate 20

Nathan and Rachel Hill who sail a San Juan 21 and a Greenwich 24

Jeff and Kathleen Canfield sailing a Melges 15

Ross and Mary Hedges sailing a San Juan 24

Hank and Cindy Richardson sailing an S2 8.0

Michaela Bell and Ian Croghan sailing a Flying Scot

Jonathan Coffin and Sean Harrington sailing a Catalina 22

Todd Bracken who currently has no boat at the club but runs a NauticEd associated sailing school over at Geist. If anyone is looking to get certifications he would be a good resource.

Everyone, enjoy the rest of the season!

Perry Cameron