Membership April 2022



The registration process is now over and it is almost time for the new season to begin! The new online system received a ton of feedback in which the overwhelming majority was positive. There were a few issues that had to be overcome, but I expected more than we had and was pleasantly surprised at how smooth it went. I will keep working to improve it in the future and am open to productive suggestions from members.

One of the main benefits of going online is the improvement of our data. For example, using email to verify who you are added the benefit of making sure we have the correct email for you. I was surprised how many we had wrong. Another benefit was having the ability to collect data that people would normally ignore using paper copies. An example of this would be our collection of approximate birthdates. This is something we always asked for on our new membership application forms since 1992. It is a good idea for the board to be equipped with correct and useful data so that decisions can be made with facts in mind. It gives us the ability to make tweaks and adjustments to better serve all of you.

Have a great season!

Perry Cameron
Membership Chair