Membership – March 2018

Welcome to two new members in 2018. 
David and Sandy Berry of Indianapolis, sailing a Catalina 22.
Andy and Margie Cockshott along with Iain, Jenny and Peter from Indianapolis sailing a Precision 18.
Most of you have sent in your annual dues and slip fees for 2018.  Decals, keys if requested, and new labels for the back of your membership cards have been mailed out to you.  If you don’t receive those within 7-10 days, please notify Jane at 317-575-0937.
The Harbormaster will have all of your requests in his hands by 3/13 and will then begin the process of assigning slips for 2018.  Results will be posted online and at the club, hopefully by early April.
Please note on the label for the your membership card that Eagle Creek Sailing Club is a member of three organizations: 
Inter-Lake Yachting Association, Yachting Club of America and U.S. Sailing.
Our club pays an annual fee for these memberships which then allows each of us reciprocal privileges at other member clubs throughout the US.  For example, I-LYA has 45 clubs, YCA has over 700 clubs across America and U.S. Sailing is the national governing body for the sport of sailing with its mission to provide leadership for the sport of sailing in the US and it can provide a great deal of support to our club and individual members.
Also please note that those labels (about 70) that were mailed prior to 2/15 were incomplete in that YCA was not listed. We have corrected labels for you and will see that you receive them.
Our AED unit has remained in it’s location on the east side of the racing shed.  We have monitored the status of the battery throughout the winter months and everything remains operational.
Jane and Christy
Membership Chairs