Racing June 2020

** BELOW RACE SCHEDULE IS MODIFIED SINCE PUBLISHING. See July article for updated events **


What a Spring we have had… first the Pandemic and then even crazier stuff
breaking out all across the nation…. Just crazy!!!

I think it will be safe to say, that we will have our first Wednesday Night Race on July 1st.

The first Sunday race will be on July 5th.

I know a lot of you have been out practicing already and that is awesome! Keep up the good work and only a few more weeks till we officially start. I thank you all for being so patient, and I still feel we did the right thing by waiting.  Just a few more weeks and Sheela will be putting all of our pictures on Facebook!!!!

The new schedule will look like this:

ECSC Regatta – July 11
Mayor’s Cup – July 25/26
Indy 200 – Sept. 12
Governor’s Cup – Sept 19/20
ECSC Championship – Oct. 3
Hornback – Oct. 10
Purdue/IU Regatta – Oct. 17/18

In the meantime, practice those starts, gibes, tacks, and mark roundings!!!

Talk to you soon,
Marcus Rogers
Racing Chair


Pics on the water from last week:

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