Racing – May 2023

Racers and Non-Racers,

​The ECSC racing season is off and running.  We have had three successful Wednesday Night racing events with good attendance for this early in the year.  Many boats have not yet been launched but hope that the coming warmer weather will encourage more to get their boats out racing.  The Sunday races had a very slow start related to the very adverse weather for the two initial races.  The volunteer turnout for the race committee was 100% despite the weather and we very much appreciate the spirit of volunteerism for the new Sunday racing format.   Remember this year we will be having a race committee for the Sunday races.  This past Sunday we had a very good turnout and very good competitive races.

​Under the leadership of Tom Lauer an effort to revive interest and participation in the Green Fleet racing program is underway.  I hope if you are a Green Fleet boat owner that you will connect with Tom about future upcoming racing opportunities.

We are still looking for both racer and non-racer volunteers for the sailboat races for the coming season.  We are experiencing an increase in volunteering this year so far but still have many open spots for any member to hop on board with our experienced PRO racing leaders and have a great time while helping the PROs run our races.  Whether you are a regular racer or an uninformed non-racer, we hope that you will sign up on SignUp Genius on the racing page of the ECSC website.  You will be doing yourself a great favor as it does not require any real racing or sailing experience to be able to function well helping the knowledgeable PROs run the races.  It is beautiful just being on the lake and the PROs will be delighted to help you “learn the ropes”.  The PROs know all that is required to run the race and they can instruct you on doing many of the simple tasks they need help with in running the race.  I know you will enjoy It and it is a great way to get an introduction to racing if you are thinking about trying it.  To volunteer you can sign up on the or call Nancy Goff or myself and we can help you sign up very easily. Remember you get 3 hours of work credits for this worth a total of $45 of your yearly dues. See you on the water!!

​Besides the Wednesday night and Sunday scheduled weekly racing events our first major invitational regatta event is coming up this June 3rd and 4th.  It is the Mayor’s Cup and hope you will register through the ECSC Racing page on the ECSC website.

See you on the water.

John Kohne

Nancy Goff