Racing May 2020

ECSC Sailboats


I know the big question is when can we start racing? Our first Wednesday night race will be June 3rd … There will be no Spring Series, just a longer Summer Series. The new NOR will reflect this…

Hopefully, the worst of this crazy world will be behind us by then. Thank you all for your patience and we look forward to seeing you all on the starting line next month…

The new schedule will look like this:
Flying Scott – June 13/14
Catalina 22 Tuning Seminar – June 20
ECSC Regatta – July 11
Mayor’s Cup – July 25/26
Indy 200 – Sept. 12
Governor’s Cup – Sept 19/20
ECSC Championship – Oct. 3
Hornback – Oct. 10
Purdue/IU Regatta – Oct. 17/18

Just because we are not racing, does not mean you can’t be out sailing…. Get those boats in the water and practice!!! Practice, practice, and practice…… 🙂  If I can be of assistance in anyway, just let me know.

Talk to you soon,
Marcus Rogers
Racing Chair