Racing March 2023

Racing – John Kohne

Racers and Non-Races

            The frost is very slowly melting from the racing off-season as your long hibernation begins to end, but many of your colleagues have forgone the winter sleeping to put together an exciting racing program for you this summer.  By the first race on Wednesday April 19th there will have been 4 Winter Race Meetings and two PRO Group meetings.  We had great turnout of 30+ members at the Winter meetings and nearly full attendance at the PRO meetings.

            As a result of these meetings, we have made some new decisions regarding the coming race season.

  1. There will be Race Committee support for all Sunday races in addition to the continuing Wednesday night and regatta support we have had in the past.
  2. The Blue and White Fleet start will be before the Red/Green start at all series races.
  3. The Sunday races will start at 1:30 PM instead of the previous 3:00 PM starts.
  4. There will be a Beginners and Inexperienced Racers training event and regatta this summer.
  5. Pursuit racing will be given a trial as an alternative racing format to see if it can make racing more inclusive and exciting for participants.
  6. Racing Program Volunteerism will be more easily accomplished and rewarded.
  7. A Racecourse Guidebook will be created to better standardize preferred races and their timing.
  8. We have doubled the number of Primary Racing Officers for this year to improve the racing experience for all and to attract new racers.
  9. We will be increasing the training for our Primary Racing Officers to create one of the best racing experience for sailors in our Midwest region.

As you can tell our plate is full this year, full of FUN.  Don’t miss out on this year’s racing program whether you are an experienced racer or want to try it our for the first time.  See you on the water !!

John Kohne

Nancy Goff