Secretary June 2022

ecsc sailing 2

ecsc sailing 2

This is my continuing report to the membership about recent updates to the club’s Bylaws and General Rules.

Per the General Rules – “The club’s rules are intended to promote a safe and enjoyable experience for all members.”

At the June 14th Board of Directors meeting, a new bullying policy was approved by the Board.  Members should know that if you bully a fellow member, affiliated person, or guest, you will be subject to immediate disciplinary action by the Board up to and possibly including immediate suspension or termination of membership.  This policy is intended to discourage and prevent bullying behavior whether verbally or on social media.  The Board’s vote was unanimous on this topic.  The updated General Rules will be posted on the website within a few weeks.

The next Board of Directors meeting will most likely be on Tuesday, September 13, 7pm, at the club’s upper shelter.

If you are interested in possibly serving on the Board of Directors and having your name on the 2022 election ballot, please contact any member of the Board of Directors (see club directory) before September 1st to let them know you are interested in being nominated.

Rich Fox

ECSC Secretary