Secretary April 2022



In my last article, I shared with you the decision of the Board to apply a financial penalty to members who fail to place a membership decal on their boat and trailer by December 1. Please refer to the General Rules posted on the website to review this new rule.

At the February meeting, the Board also approved an update to the Bylaws that the Chairperson of each Standing Committee, subject to review and approval of the Commodore, may appoint an Assistant. The exception is the Chairperson of the Racing Committee may appoint two Assistants – the second Assistant being responsible for scoring club races and regattas.

For Committees that have a full plate of organized activities and work responsibilities, Assistants help the Committee Chairs perform a variety of duties. In many cases, an Assistant may also be groomed to become a future Committee Chair, although this is not required. Although every Committee may have one Assistant, if the expected activities and work responsibilities being pursued by a Committee do not justify filling the Assistant position, then the expectation is that an Assistant position will remain vacant. Thus, the policy includes review and approval by the Commodore.

The Board also approved clarifying language in the Bylaws that Officers, Committee Chairs and Assistants shall be entitled to receive a waiver of current year’s membership dues. This is not new. However, it was necessary to clean up the language.

At the upcoming April meeting, I am presenting a more thorough policy on work credits that has already been circulated for feedback to the Board. The proposed work credit policy will create five categories of work credits – standard, project-based, custom, professional-based, and leadership-based. If approved, the policy should then be available on the website.


Rich Fox

ECSC Secretary