Racing September 2021


We are fresh off the very successful and popular Indy 200 Regatta thanks to Rich Fox and his helpers.  A big thanks to all those who made this possible.  By the reading of this article, we hope that everyone is also looking back at one of our biggest social events and regattas of the season – the Governor’s Cup and Lobsterfest.  All these events depend heavily on the spirit of volunteerism and willingness of individuals to go beyond what they are receiving to serve others.  Nancy and I appreciate all the help we have received and hope to finish this season with a flurry of events and regattas that increase your enjoyment of racing and the pleasure of enjoying each other’s company.

There are still two regattas left to come.  The ECSC Regatta (which was abandoned earlier in the year due to no wind) will be sailed on October 2nd and the Hornback Regatta on October 16th.  These will both be pursuit regattas with monohull and multihull fleets competing in a staggered start sequence based on handicap – with first to finish winner format.  We hope you will join us for these fun and exciting races.

See you on the water!

John Kohne
Racing Chair