Harbormaster September 2021

Ki Hickok, our next Commodore and current Grounds Committee Chair, shared his To-Do List regarding club improvements.  You may have noticed many of these completed over the past two months, however some items are subtle (but equally as important!).   See below for everything Ki has done or plans to do.  Thanks to all that helped him complete these projects, including Dennis Robertson.

1. Paint bathrooms.

2. Install Reverse-Osmosis water filtration system at the upper shelter for filling water bottles & cups

3. Move 3 sheds to new locations

4. Build deck where kayak shed used to be by the beach (Captain’s Corner)

5. Install better drainage at Race Shed.

6. Lay grass around the upper and lower shelters

7. Replace various railroad ties and parking lot ropes.

8. New rip rap in front of B and C dock

9. Build new kayak rack on the beach

10. Finish dirt at upper and lower shelter

12. Build and install playground at upper shelter

13. Paint outer area surrounding bathrooms

14. Paint all the junior shed, kayak shed, social shed, 2nd social shed, and harbormaster shed

15. New rip rap from C dock all the way to A dock

16. Gutters on the Race Shed and awning area