Harbormaster April 2021

Eagle Creek Sailing Club Drone View

Eagle Creek Sailing Club Drone View

Hello fellow Eagle Creekers, I hope this year is great for everyone.

I will be doing some jobs onshore…so if you can get your boat into the water sooner than normal, we will be able to get things started.

Please be advised that if you don’t have a slip yet, you will be able to use the 48 hr. docks.  This means 48 hrs. and another 24 hrs to get in and get out…no more than 72 hrs. total.

If this rule is broken you may be fined and your boat may be locked to the dock. This system was overly misused last year and it will not be happening again this year.  We currently have 10 people waiting for slips…not to mention another 10-20 members who prefer to dry sail.  We only have about eight 48-Hour slips along with a few other “spare” slips.  We also have members who sometimes need to work on their trailers.  If that is the case, please contact the Harbormaster Department…that would be me (Kenny Chapman) or the other half (Dennis Robertson).  Either one of us can give you extended permission.

If you are parked along the sides of the grassy area South of the lower shelter, expect your boat to be moved around to accommodate heavy equipment that will be used to expand parking for sail boats.  If you can get into the water soon, it will help as I will only have to move your trailer.

The water is almost at full pool, so getting your boat out into your slip will be good for all.  The Trailer Park shouldn’t be used until May 1st, but if there are plenty of leaves on the trees blocking vision from 46th street or the neighborhoods, we may be able to park up there a bit sooner.  The last thing we want to do is upset the HOA in the nearby neighborhood.

Also, I have pulled out all junk trailers from the upper Trailer Park.  They are on display in the grass area on the incoming road.  We are not a storage facility.  If you see your junk on display, please take it elsewhere.

Lastly, please put your stickers onto your boat and trailer.  If this a problem due to lost stickers, please contact Perry Cameron for more stickers.  If you don’t put stickers onto your boat and trailer, then you will have to deal with the Harbormaster Department!

Kenny Chapman