Racing February 2021

Racing Collage feb 2021

Racing Collage feb 2021

Racers and Potential Racers

When looking out the window and seeing snow, the Summer winds pushing sails, boats, and racers around beautiful Eagle Creek Reservoir seem far out of sight.  Despite this – or perhaps because of this – many in the club are spending their time preparing for an exciting and long-awaited season of excellent sailing at ECSC.  Nancy Goff, Rich Fox, Geoff Endris, Chuck Goff and I have actively been working over the past few months making preparations for a breakout sailing season, something to get us past the COVID doldrums and winter bleakness.  On February 3rd we presented some of the new ideas, actions, and priorities that are underway by the five of us on the Racing Program Committee.  The meeting was online and had 27 attendees logged-on for the one-hour presentation.

We announced the purchase of a new set of racing flags and a wind anemometer to help in race handicapping.  Plans for evaluating the Portsmith handicapping system vs using the current PHRF Handicapping System were discussed, and a decision to move forward with the evaluation was made.  We considered a proposal to create a dedicated On-Water Race Committee.  This will be explored and a budget to support this effort is in place.  Discussion of the guidelines for Fleet Assignment (particularly for the Blue and White Fleet) was had and a guideline was adopted to govern it.  Another meeting will be held a month from now and the fleet assignments for all 2021 members of ECSC along with the new PHRF and Portsmith handicap assignments will be available for discussion.

One of the highest priorities for next year is to increase the participation of all members of the club in the racing programs.  Our hope is to accomplish this through continuing to innovate the on- and off-water racing activities, and through the enthusiasm of the current racers in the venues themselves.  We are encouraged by the turnout of the winter racing meeting and hope to continue to build on the recommendations and suggestions of the membership in improving our program.

John Kohne and Nancy Goff