Harbormaster November 2020

Old pic of Kenny

Hello Eagle Creekers,

Dennis Robertson is going to be my other half of the Harbormaster Department as he is very skilled in the art of sailboats.

The club has been growing at a steady pace since it was started and we are running out of room for those enjoying the sport of sailing. Those members that do not maintain their boats are on our target list since we are not a storage marina for your boat.

We came up with a plan to get some of the uncared-for boats out of our club. The main idea is to have their boats declared a health hazard concerning black mold, full of water (mosquito nests), moss and vegetation growing everywhere, along with years of no usage at all. Another tactic we may use will be to implement a new rule that all boats must be in sailing condition and sailed at least once a year or removed from the property.

With that said, I have talked with our Commodore, Chuck Goff, and Vice Commodore, Ki Hickok, about expanding our sailboat parking area into the grassy area South of the lower shelter. I have a bid from Bill Williams to properly transform this area into space for about 20 sailboats.

The ramp project may happen this coming year, 2021, it is my hope that it happens in June or July as most boats will be in the water and the ramp will not be heavily used. Hopefully we will have communications between the board and the racing director considering racers that dry sail. We should be able to accommodate dry sailors with 48 hr slips for a few weeks or postpone races as the ramp gets rebuilt.

In any case, Dennis and I will be working to make this club as good as possible for next year.

Kenny Chapman