Harbormaster July 2020

Hello Eagle Creekers,

I hope everyone is enjoying themselves at our secret hideaway. It really is a great way to get rid of cabin fever.

Today’s topic will mostly be about dockage, both dry and wet. Starting with wet, I know many of you slip renters feel good about the way your boat is tied up to docks that belong to ECSC. The problem is that many marinas all over the country will not stand for the way about 10% of you tie up your boat. No part of your boat should hang over the main dock walk way. In some wind conditions it may seem fine, but if it comes from the other direction it may present a problem. Most marinas will fine you or boot you out of the slip you are renting. I really don’t want to go as far as that, but I may have to with how long I have been ranting about it. This week I will be acquiring dock boards for repairs to some of our main docks and fingers.

Now on to the dry side, I will begin building a new kayak rack this week. Once it is built I will start working on the cable tie-down system for catamarans on the beach. I will also be getting bids on a new larger gin pole. It will most likely have an arm that will swing to the West so as to prevent people from driving into it. Beach parking will end close to the middle of October so Wet slip renters can begin parking along the beach road. The sea wall area will be used for transient boaters who will be pulling out early for vacation or just ending their season early and taking their boats to inside storage. Please do not park in front of boats on trailers any time of the year. Ki has ordered some safety swim ladders for the docks. They will be installed fairly soon.

Kenny Chapman