Racing April 2020

ECSC Racing


I know many of you are wondering the same thing, “When can we start racing?” Unfortunately, we are in the postpone mode until further notice. It just isn’t smart to do anything at this moment and the state still says we can’t. I am still hopeful for Mayor’s Cup, but the next few weeks will tell. Sorry, I do not have any better answers for you, but only time will tell.

We have a new RIB and it is almost like new. It has a 50HP motor and I want to remind people that this boat is for safety duty only. All eyes are upon us and we need to keep in mind the 10 mph rule on the lake. When setting up marks, keep this in mind and don’t be racing from one end of the lake to the other. We can race the boat for emergency’s only….. We do not want the rules to change on the lake so that big motor boats are allowed. So, let us use our boats with that in mind and not abuse our privileges….. Keep our speed under 10mph at all times. Thanks for keeping this in mind…..

Quantum and North Sails are hosting many web seminars for free. Lots for good information out there, so use this time wisely. If you need some new sails, discounts are still available.

I hope by next month, we have some more encouraging news. In the meantime, be safe and dream about racing.

Marcus Rogers
Racing Chair