Safety and Education March 2020

Junior Racing Team at Put-in-Bay, Ohio, for Junior Bay week

Well Boys and Girls of the club:

I look for a early spring this year. Why you ask?

Because the main ramp will be replaced soon.

But guess what, your Jr. team will on the water early April for the big spring race coming up.. Our 1st regatta will be April 25-26, Laser full and radial class. @ ECSC….

The NOR (notice of race) will be posted March 25,

Your 2020 ECSC Jr, Team members are:

Deanna Nicholas: this is her last year of Jr. Sailing, she will age out of the I-LYA  Jr. class. She has taken off from work this summer just to go racing and prove herself to the world. Go GIRL….

Olivia DeGrella: this is her second year on the team and will be a force to deal with this year. She has also signed up for the US Sailing Level 1’s and her summer just to race.

Sam Riley: this also his second year, He finished top 10 last year. At the age of 15 now, he will be something watch and grow into a sailing machine. He’s been around auto racing his whole life. Good Luck to you sir, don’t crash and burn!

Dunkin York: Age 15, Love’s sailing and racing and on the water. He did some racing with the team last year.

Has much to learn. Welcome aboard sir…..

The 2020 ECSC support team members:

Dennis Robertson  Assistant camp director  .

Christina Williams  Camp director

Reagan Lessick Coach

Dan Nicholas and Barbara Nicholas Jr. Camp

Ralph Merriman  Jr. Team

Tony Hubbard  Jr. Team

Dennis and Jenipher Robertson  Jr. Camp

Sue Tennant Jr. Camp

Wayne Myers

I also wish to thank to all of our club members that support the ECSC Jr. Team.

This year the team will be racing in over 11 events. 70 + races: a 14 day road trip, Jr, Olympics in Mentor Harbor. Jr, Bay Week, and there is talk about Orange Bowl this year.



Safety & Education