Safety and Education August 2019

Well Boys and Girls,




With 38 boats on the line this year, Your rookie’s were turn into sailors!


Sam Riley, age 15 finished 9th in the GOLD fleet with a best of 5th.


Grant Goff; age 18 finished 10th in the SILVER fleet with a best of 5th.


Deanna Nicholas, age 17 finished 14th in the SILVER fleet with of best 7th.


Olivia DeGrella, age 15 finished 16th in the SILVER fleet with of best 11.


Thanks to all of the ECSC Jr. Bay Week Support Team:


Tony Hubard, Ralph Merriman, Dan and Barb Nicholas, Reagan Lessick and Matthew Davis.

And a special thanks to Geoff Endris.



Go for the GOLD!


This year’s Laser Race will be doing battle for the GOLD.


It’s Full rig VS Radial rig.


September 7th  and 8th


Two days of hard racing!


Notice of Race will be posted on F/B club page.




There are 4 races left for 2019


Go for the Gold, September 7 and 8th – ECSC


Lake Lemon, September 21 and 22


Laser Race, October 12 and 13th – Carlye Ill



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