Safety and Education July 2019

It’s Here………………


Jr. Bay Week 2019


With over two hundred boys and girls ages 13-18 will be dueling on the Laser and C420 for the I-LYA Junior Championship.


ECSC is sending 5  junior sailors this year to do battle on the big water of Lake Erie at Put-In-Bay.


Grant Goff was last years Silver Fleet Winner.

Jack Hadlock is in his second bay week and starting to move up.

1st timers Deanna Nicholas, Olivia DeGrella and Sam Riley will be making the show.

Our coach is the very talented Reagan Lessick along with Matthew Davis as assistant coach for the team. (Matthew is from Buckeye YC, Ohio and has volunteered to help your team.)

Our support team this year is:

Ralph Meriman

Dan Nicholas

Barbara Nicholas

Tony Hubbard

Wayne Myers

And I don’t want to forget our Commodore and the Laser course Race Chairman for the second year Geoff Endris.


An to all of the club members that support the team with their donations each year.


Thank You….


Last month the Jr. Team ran the Jr. summer camp at ECSC with over 40 young sailors learning the ropes. Thanks go out to Christina Williams our camp director this year. Dennis Jr. Robertson assistant director and to the ECSC Jr. Team members for their support and skills in having a very safe two weeks. And many thanks to Dennis and Jenipher Robertson for all of their help.





I just got word that Dennis Jr. Robertson and Jack Hadlock have passed the U S Sailing Level 1 class. Good job guys…


After Jr. Bay Week the Jr. team and support personal will make the trip to Sandusky, Ohio for our 7th regatta of this year. There are only 11 regatta’s this year, last year we travel to 17 sailing evants.


What can I say, but again thanks to all!



Wayne S & E


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