Safety and Education June 2019

Well Boys and Girls,

June is very busy month for ECSC Jr. Sailors:

But first I would like to say, “Thank You” to all of our members that support the ECSC Jr. Sailing Team.

June 1st ~ The Jr. team will do battle in the 1st I-LYA Travelers Series at Buckeye Lake YC, about 30 miles East of Columbus Ohio. This club goes back in time to the early 1910’s.

June 8th ~ Alum Creek YC, # 2 on the I-LYA Travelers Series.  Just 5 miles North of Columbus Ohio. This club is part of  The Ohio Park system. Simple club house and very clean restrooms and showers.

June 6-9 ~ Cleveland, Ohio US Sailing Level 1’s , Dennis Jr. Robertson and Jack Hadlock will spent 4 – 10 hour days working on this sailing/racing/power boat/teaching program.

June 10-14 ~ 1st week of ECSC Sailing Camp over 22 kids this year.

June 20-23 ~ North Cape YC, 2 days of Advance Racing Clinic and 2 days of racing on Lake Eire (Big Water). Olivia DeGrella, Deanna Nickols and Sam Riley are onboard and geared up for this and  their 1st  Jr. Bay Week.

North Cape YC is 8 miles from the Ohio and Michigan state line. One of top ten clubs in the USA.

Large club house, beach and ramp.

June 24-28 ~ 2nd week of ECSC Sailing Camp over 24 kids.


2019 Jr. Sailing Team Members

Coach Reagan Lessick

Grant Goff (18), this is his last year at Jr. Bay Week as he will age out. Last year he came home with a Silver Medal.      Maybe Gold this year?

Jack Hadlock (15), this will be his second Jr. Bay Week.

Deanna Nicholas (17), Olivia DeGrella (15) and Sam Riley (15) this will be their first Jr. Bay Week.

“Good Luck Guys”


Support Team Members:

Dan & Barbara Nicholas

Ralph Merriman

Chuck and Jacqui Lessick and ZATGraphics

Tony  Hubbard

Dennis & Jenipher Robertson

Dennis Jr. Robertson

Marcus Rogers, Perry Cameron, Kenny Chapman, Jim & Bonnie Wolfinger,

And there are so many other members in the past 13 years that have supported your team.

Again what can I say,

Wayne USA996


Ps: Log on to ECSC Junior Sailing Team on facebook lots of action pictures each week.