Harbormaster – April 2018

It’s time of the year let’s go sailing. The Slip assignments have been completed and are available online.  Just CLICK HERE to access the website. Members should feel free to put your boats in your slip anytime you want.

I have noticed over the years that many people secure their boats in an improper and potentially dangerous way. The Proper way to secure a boat to the dock is with four lines: a bow line, a stern line, and two spring lines (fore and aft). Also remember, the spring lines should be taut and the Bow and stern lines should have some slack. This will keep your boat from hitting the dock.  Also, please make sure that you secure your boat with the bow pulpit NOT sticking out over the dock.  This allows members to move freely on the docks. 
With the volume of boats in the club this year we have had several boats that are double parked. If you have parked someone in, please address this early in the season so that we all have access to our boats.  The grounds Committee is looking to do some work in the upper trailer farm, so please don’t move your trailer up until after May 1st. If they are able to get the lot work done earlier, they will list that the lot is open on the sign. Also, always be sure to check the conditions in the upper lot as you do not want to get your vehicle stuck in mud.
This spring I will be addressing several boats on the property that belong to club members that have not been cleaned or drained of standing water in several years. These boats will be a priority for me this year. If you know someone that owns one of these boats please let them know that I will be contacting them.
Your club stickers  should be in your possession as of now so please put them on your boat and trailer as soon as possible.

Dennis Robertson – Harbormaster

317-three three nine -7371