Harbormaster January 2018

Happy New Year Eagle Creekers. This New Years brings a new harbormaster to our beloved club.

For those of you that don’t know me let me introduce myself. My name is Dennis Robertson and my assistant harbormaster for the 2018 season will be Jan Wishart. Jan and I are avid sailors/racers across many classes of boats. We have both enjoyed Eagle creek for many years, both as members of ECSC and as hobie sailors off of Hobie Beach. The harbormasters duty’s are many and we will work diligently to achieve what needs to be done.

Now that winter is here and the club is  quiet and calm here are some things to remember. If you are leaving the club and you see no one else around please lock the gate.  During our winter season it is important to keep the gate locked when no-one is at the club EVEN during the day. We have no trash service over the winter please clean up after your self and keep the club clean for all to enjoy.  If you must leave trash at the club it is each members responsibility to put it in the large dumpster.

A sailboat navigates through its world of wind and water not leaving a single trace of its passage. Nothing is consumed nothing is altered the winds and the water or left exactly the same condition for the next user.   Also Following this report is a report from the Grounds Committee.


Dennis Robertson


Last year was our first year with the newly formed Grounds Committee and I must say, it was a huge success.  The committee addressed a lot of maintenance issues that had been ignored for far too long.  Congratulations to Mark Walker, Tom Moore and Kenny Chapman for setting the bar pretty high.  Here is a list of what the Grounds Committee accomplished last year.

Main Shelter

  • Repaired several decayed posts supporting the main shelter deck.
  • Regraded parking lot to funnel water away from deck support posts to reduce decay.
  • Regraded the earth around the main shelter to reduce decay to the building siding.
  • Repaired carpenter bee holes in the shelter supports and cross beams.
  • Replaced decaying posts on main shelter stairway.
  • Replaced rotten & broken steps on main shelter stairway.
  • Added solar lighting to the main shelter stairway.
  • Performed a thorough cleaning of walls, vents, etc in both restrooms. Reseated loose toilets.

Main Grounds

  • Added new LED security lights to the parking lot.
  • Added additional sand to the ECSC beach.
  • Added additional mulch to area surrounding the playground.
  • New picnic tables built.
  • Octagonal picnic table was repaired and repainted.
  • Dead Ash trees removed and cut up for firewood.
  • Additional rip rap added to shoreline to alleviate erosion due to high water levels.

Lower Shelter

  • Replace pea gravel floor with poured concrete.
  • Replace rotted roof support posts.
  • Removed unsightly masts stored in shelter rafters.

Boat Ramp and Docks

  • A-Dock was relocated to eliminate drop off on boat ramp.
  • D-Dock frame was rebuilt, and new decking was added.

What a list of accomplishments!

This year’s Grounds Committee will consist of Geoff Endris (Chair), Tom Moore, and Dennis Robertson.  We have already started our list of projects for 2018.  We hope to keep the momentum going and get some much-needed repairs completed by the end of the year.  More on that to follow after we “walk the property” to make our list for the year.


The Grounds Committee