Harbormaster February 2017

Hello Eagle Creekers,

We have a few big jobs ahead of us this Spring and hopefully they can get started at the club opening work-party. Below are three of the majors projects ahead of us.

  1. Re-decking of L dock (which is the 5′ wide section leading to D dock).
  2. Expansion of  the trailer parking at the top of the hill to the West and South. 
  3. A  Grounds Committee project concerning dead Ash tree removal. 

Any and all help with these projects will be greatly appreciated and make the club more user friendly.

Anyone with an unmarked dinghy or kayak at the club must remember to put current stickers on your boat. As I mentioned in last months article those unidentifiable boats will be going away this Spring. 

Don’t forget, during Winter you need to come out to the club on a regular basis to check on your boat. Many tarps get filled with snow/water or get blown off entirely. It is up to you to protect your property. 

One last thing, when coming out to the club in the Winter I would suggest locking the gate back up as you enter. This will keep unwanted guests from entering the club and shorten your time checking on your boat. Always lock the gate when leaving.

Kenny Chapman