Harbormaster duties & Abandoned Boats

Ahoy Eagle Creek sailors. May your Winter be short and your love of sailing be long.

Okay, with all the happy stuff spewed out we have to get real. As our club grows we must maintain enough space on shore to store the boats of avid sailors. In recent times it seems that some of us deem this club as a storage yard for hobbies of the past. This is not what our club was designed for. My basic message for this entire article is that, if you no longer want or can sail your boat it should and must be removed from the club to make room for others.

Dennis Robertson (water side Harbormaster) and yours truly (Kenny Chapman) will be relacating any perceived abandoned boats to the Northeast side of the boat storage area along the edge of the woods. The first sign of an abandoned boat will be that of outdated stickers on boat and trailer. Other signs of discontinued use will be water in your boat, mold inside or outside, flat trailer tires, and obvious lack of use.

You must understand this is not an attack on you personally, but an incentive for you to either use your boat or remove it from the club grounds to allow others to use the proper amount of space this club has to offer.

If for some reason you find your boat relocated in the Northeast wood line area of the club it means:

  • That your stickers are not current (meaning you don’t care).
  • You will be receiving a letter from the club asking you to remove your boat from the premises.
  • In the event that you do not respond to the letter (again, the not caring thing), proceedings will be taken to declare your boat as “abandoned” and have it removed from our property.
  • Make sure your stickers are current. Boat and trailer. If you need any help at the club removing your unused boat please call me.