2016 Junior Sailing

We are currently putting together plans for the 2016 Junior Sail Camp, which I believe will be the club’s 15th annual. Junior Sail Camp is important to the club’s future, as it fosters the growth of the love of sailing in many young people each year. That in turn keeps interest in the sport of sailing and creates future ECSC club members. Another important aspect of the camp is to find new potential Junior Sailors for the ECSC Junior Sailing Team. Information on the 2016 camp as well as an enrollment form will be updated on the internet in the coming month and I will provide a link in the next newsletter.

I’ve been around the Junior Program a few years now, and have been very impressed by the growth it promotes in the young people involved. While you may not realize it, these team members put in a lot of time both training and competing across the Midwest, as well as Nationally. Summertime for them is busy, and they represent ECSC well by their placings in the I-LYA regattas, as well as other regattas. Even as I write this, some of the Juniors are down in Florida competing in the Orange Bowl Regatta, while others are here doing their weekly workouts, both in order to stay at the top of their game in preparation for spring.

We tend to think of the Junior Program as just kids out racing sailboats, but it is so much more. The program teaches them safety, responsibility, teamwork, dedication, and the rewards of hard work, all valuable lessons for their future. If you know any young person between the ages of 10-18, I highly recommend getting them involved.

Be sure to keep track of the ECSC Junior Sailors by following our Facebook page.