Junior Program August 2021

Junior August 2021

Junior August 2021

What a busy month of July:

The team traveled to Mentor Harbor, Ohio for the US Sailing Level 1 sailing Certifications.

Then: Racing at North Cape Yacht Club, Sandusky, Mentor Harbor again, Vermillion, Put In Bay, Cowan Sailing Club, Hoover, and lastly at Erie.

The team raced in over 60 races with light wind with chop, heavy air with waves, no wind, and with upwards to over 45-50 boats on the line. We put 2,550 miles on the great white van this year!

“I loved all the time we had together.”

Well, what happened….

In Junior Bay Week we placed 6th in Gold Fleet (Sam) and 13th in Silver (Olivia) with 40 Lasers on the line. I was betting on a 4th and 8th place, but the bear got me. Many thanks to Ralph & Cathy for pulling the RIB safety boat up. Also, a thanks to Ray & Katie for their support.

At Cowan (#8 in the series), Sam finished 3rd with 15 points toward Series standings. Then one more race the following weekend at Erie Yacht Club (#9 in the series).

At Erie, Sam placed 1st without winning any races. He battled it out with a junior from Edgewater Yacht Club who had led the Series up till then. Sam finished with 10 points. Olivia Degrella finished 30th overall in the 64-person Laser Radial Fleet. Sam has only 2 years experience in the Laser Class, but over 5 years in the Opti Class from the East coast.

Just for the record, we have won the I-LYA Traveler Series Laser Division 4 times in the past 15 years:
2007 – R. J. Graef
2008 – John Fisher
2016 – Cameron Douglas
2021 – Sam Riley

Great job team!….We got the BEAR!

The team now has a month off. Our next road trip is to Bloomington (Lake Lemon) – September 25 & 26. This is a regatta in which we invite younger sailors who just might join our team for next season.

Wayne Myers
ECSC Junior Program