Commodore May 2021

ECSC sunset photo

ECSC sunset photo

I love Spring. It is invigorating to watch our club come back to life. I love to meet new members and to catch up with old friends. But, what I love most is observing fellow members helping each other prepare for the season. When we help each other we are volunteering our services. In fact, helping each other is a central part of our sport and what our sailing club is all about.

Worded another way, we are volunteering. But, what does that really mean? According to Merriam Webster, a volunteer is “a person who expresses a willingness to undertake a service.” Being a volunteer means that you are offering something – something that is not required nor an obligation.

You might volunteer because the optimist inside you, perhaps the idealist, spies a glimmer of hope. You see that your time is worth it…you believe that you are capable of inciting change and making progress.

Most of the time, to volunteer means that you are working with others which connects you as you are working toward a common goal. You are connected with both the problem and the solution, and you are benefitting others as well as yourself.

But where to start, you ask. What special skills or talents do you bring to the table? Are you a strong communicator? Do you work well with your hands? Are you creative? Do you like to study laws and policies? Do you want to use the same skill set you use during the workday when you volunteer? Perhaps you want to go in a completely different direction.

Quite simply, our club is run by volunteers. Remember that volunteers are busy people. They often have jobs, families, and obligations outside of our club…so please treat them kindly.

Being a volunteer means that even the smallest gestures make a big difference. So, get out there and help to make the world and our club a little brighter and kinder. Decide what being a volunteer means to you and run with it. If you would like to help in any way, please reach out to a club officer. We would be happy to find a way to get you plugged in.

See you at the club
Chuck Goff