Junior Program February 2021

ECSC junior sailing collage

ECSC junior sailing collage

To all the members that support the ECSC Junior Sailing Team…thank you for donations, again.

This year, as in the past, your team will do battle against much larger teams, but we have something they don’t have, your support!

Some of the Lake Erie Clubs have a $30,000 budget and field 10 – 15 sailors. We are a small club with a limited budget, but our size is our strength.. We are like David vs. Goliath.

Your junior sailors have finished in the top ten so many times, it’s hard to count. But this is a new year, with some new faces and skills.

Our 2 returning team members are:

Sam Riley, age 16, from Zionsville, plays hockey for his school, and loves sailing and racing. He comes from the Opti Class and has done battle on the East coast. In 2019 at his very first Junior Bay Week, he finished 9th in the gold fleet out of 40 boats. Sam is also training to be an instructor. Last year he completed his first part of US Sailing Level 1’s and is waiting this Spring to finish. Sam’s father owns a race team called “Riley Motorsports”, so racing is in Sam’s blood.


Olivia DeGrella is also 16, from Carmel, a straight-A student, and has many hours flying “tail dragger” airplanes (as she calls them). Last year she finished her difficult, one-week-long Wilderness Medical Course. She has her CPR and Red Cross First Aid certifications and is working toward the US Sailing Level 2’s this year.  She is also the team “Medic”. She loves racing, sailing, teaching, flying, kick boxing and climbing.

Our support team this year is:

Ralph Merriman.  Ralph is a long-time supporter of the team who volunteers to drive and provide safety on the water.

Katie DeGrella is our assistant chair of Jr. Program and my right hand.

Reagan Lessick is Head Coach and previous Junior Racer.

Dennis Robertson Jr. is Assistant Coach and Jr. Camp Instructor

Deanna Nichols is Jr. Camp Instructor,

Sue Tennant is Jr. Camp Advisor

Captain Tony Hubbard volunteers his 32′ yacht for Jr. Bay Week,

Amy Sheppard (IUPUI sailor) is our trainer and physical therapist.

ZAT Graphics, (Chuck & Jacqui Lessick) provided our team and camp T shirts.

I have in the works two more possible Jr. Team members to be named later.

I’m always looking for more potential sailors, so if you know of someone, please send them to me for a try out this Spring…practices start in April…….

The team’s tentative schedule for 2021:

April…… Practice

May……..at ECSC

May……..at ISC

7 Saturdays on the road, Buckeye Lake, Hoover, North Cape, Edgewater, Vermillion, Cowan and Erie for the I-LYA Traveler Series.

US Sailing Smyth Area E Championship at Sandusky (2 days)

USA Junior Olympics at Mentor Harbor (4 days)

Jr. Bay Week at Put-In-Bay (4 days)

Orange Bowl at Miami (4 days)

The Jr. Sailing Camp News will be out March 1st on our “ecsail.org” web site. There will be a 5 week camp this year. We are opening the camp to 8 – 10 year old for the first time. There will be a limited number of campers each week due to COVID.  Come check us out during the sailing camp!

For more information on the team and to see pictures of our regattas check out our ECSC Junior Sailing Team Facebook page: www.facebook.com/groups/ecscjr

Wayne Myers

Junior Sailing Chair


Below is the I-LYA Junior Bayweek Trophy for Lasers.  The 2008 – 2018 trophy winners are shown.  ECSC is listed the most out of any club with our Juniors earning it 3 times across those years. Let’s go ECSC Junior Racing!

laser trophy bayweek