Commodore August 2020

Dear ECSC Members:

Well, it is still a strange year. I am sorry to say that I may go down in history as the first Commodore that some of you have never met. Hopefully, we can rectify that situation before the year ends. I am happy to see more boats on the water lately and appreciate those people who are wearing masks when appropriate. Jan and I have been out sailing in both Honor Series races and as often as possible just for the sheer joy of it, so I have had a chance to see the die-hard sailors. I know there are many of you that are unable to come out, and you are most definitely missed!

Because we are leasing city park property, the bureaucracy involved in our capital improvements feels like jogging through molasses, but we are still committed to the improvements to the ramp, electric gate, and gin pole. Chuck Goff, next year’s Commodore, will continue to work with the Board and the Park towards that end.

Our Board elections will be held in November, and we are currently accepting nominations for open board seats for next year. The only requirement to be nominated is to be a member of the club in good standing, so even if you are new to the Club, we invite you to consider this opportunity. The Board meets once a month, at a date and time designated by the Commodore, and we usually take a couple of months off during the summer. The list of Board members is in your directory (also located on our website here), along with our contact information, so if you have any questions or interest in this opportunity then please feel free to reach out to one of us.

Be safe and stay well! If you see Dutch Mob or Reckoning on the water, sail by and say hi!

Nan Wishart