Social June 2020

What a strange sailing season this has become. As you are all aware, our social events have been “Pirated” by COVID-19! For the health and safety of our club members, we have cancelled our Father’s Day event for June. We are working diligently on identifying cost effective ways to provide alternate social gatherings for our members. There are far too many touch points on a buffet line, putting our members at too high of a risk for contamination. Food Trucks or catered meals allowing members to then disperse to on-site picnic areas (one family to a table) or the cockpit/cabin of their boats would be the ideal option. I am actively working on identifying a vendor that can provide what we need within their own guidelines for July 4th. Stay tuned for a final announcement closer to July.

We will continue to follow CDC guidelines and Governor Holcomb’s phased plan for reopening Marion County, as well as, monitor the infection rates. In the meantime, continue to practice safe social distancing, hand hygiene, and supporting one another.

Vickie Greenough
Social Chair