Commodore August 2019

I hope you attended the 50th Anniversary Celebration.  By all accounts, it was a great success.  Thanks to Vickie Greenough, Nick Mates and their entire crew for planning and pulling off this great event.  Special thanks to all who took pictures and posted them on our Facebook page.  The “Little Pirates Day” looked like it was a huge success.  Lots of pictures of our little pirates having a great time.

The Remote Control Sailboat fleet held its first regatta during the 50th Celebration.  It looked like we had pretty good attendance for the first year.  Thanks to Rich Fox for organizing the fleet and serving as PRO for the first regatta.

Our Junior Sailing team competed in the annual Jr. Bay Week Regatta.  In the Gold Fleet, Sam Riley finished 9th.  In the Silver Fleet, Grant Goff finished 10th, Deanna Nichols finished 14th, and Olivia DeGrella finished 16th.  Over the course of the week, they competed in 16 races with winds from 5 to 20 mph.  It was quite a grueling week!

Our club racing program is entering the second half of the season.  We are now into our summer series and continue to see great participation on Wednesday evenings.  We have 3 regattas behind us with 3 more to go.  The next regatta is the Indy 200 on August 31.  This is a one-day regatta just for high-PHRF cabin cruiser boats.  It is a great event and a chance to sail with a purpose instead of just floating around.  If you ever thought about getting into the racing program, here is a great way to try it out and see if you like it.

Upcoming social events:

We have four more social events for the year.  The Labor Day cookout is on Saturday August 31.  Governor’s Cup & Lobster Fest is coming up on September 14.  The Chili Cookoff is on October 12. And the Final Bash is on November 2.  Please make plans to attend one or all of these events.

The Ballroom dancing lessons was a huge hit.  Thanks to Tom Moore for coordinating this.  Tom says lessons will continue into September depending on attendance.  If you missed the first few, you can still attend and learn some new dances.  No experience necessary!

Boat Ramp Update

We finally have a complete set of engineering plans to submit for approval.  Approval can take up to two months.  We need approval from the City of Indianapolis, Citizen’s Energy, the Army Corps of Engineers and IDEM.  We are targeting the work to be performed in March of 2020.

Dry-dock Storage

Ki Hickok is working out a plan to get dry dock boats in their proper slips.  This will be a multi-year plan.  Please cooperate with Ki when he contacts you about moving your boat.  Keep in mind, we may need to move your boat to a temporary spot before we get you into your permanent spot.

Full Moon Sail

The next full moon is on August 15.  Why not go out for a moonlight sail?  Sailing at night is very peaceful and relaxing.  Just make sure your navigation lights are working.

Sail on,