Commodore May 2019

The weather is warm, the water is up – Let’s go sailing!

We got word earlier this month that Citizen’s Energy has begun raising the lake back to normal levels.  At this writing, the depth at the end of the ramp is above 6 ft and rising.  Now if we can get the trailer field dried out….

May Events:

Mother’s Day is fast approaching.  I’m sure Vickie Greenough and her team have a great event planned.  Bring a dish to share and enjoy the warm weather.  Then, take everyone out for a sail!

Our other big event for May is the Mayor’s Cup on May 18-19.  Don’t forget that the Saturday night dinner/dance is open to all club members.  If you want to come out and eat, you can purchase a dinner for a nominal fee.  Or you can just come out to enjoy the music for free.

Parking Lot Restrictions

Please remember that all boats must be out of the parking corral and the parking down near the boat ramp by Saturday 5/11.  Boats in the parking spaces will be moved to another part of the club.

In keeping with last month’s newsletter, here are updates on our on-going projects.

Boat Ramp

We are in the midst of getting the necessary permits for replacing the boat ramp.  We tried to get it approved as a maintenance project but were told we have to go through the full permit process.  This will take 4-6 months.  Good thing we started early.  Hopefully, we can still get it done this year.  If not, we will shoot for next March before the club opens.

Mast-raising Gin Pole Replacement

Dennis Robertson and crew are working out the details to replace our wooden gin pole with a metal pole.  The designs are completed, and he is working on lining up the heavy equipment and labor.  The new pole will be relocated so it is not in such a high-traffic area.  It will include a retractable arm to avoid any future mishaps with masts.

Summer Sail Camp

Our summer sailing camp is full.  As usual, it filled up very quickly. 

Racing Season Starts

Racing season has started, and several races have been held.  Thanks to all who help with the food after racing.  It is greatly appreciated by all.  We have several ways for members to get involved in our racing program.  We have beginner fleets for those who are new to racing.  And we can always use help with Race Committee on Wednesday nights and at Regattas.  Come on out, spend the day/evening on the water and get a great view of the racing.

Dry-dock Storage

Ki Hickok sent out an email to get the dry slip parking spaces implemented.  Please have your request back to him by May 18 so you have a better chance of getting your requested location.  It’s going to take a while to get everyone into their desired dry slip.  Please be patient with us as we get this implemented.

Ladies Sailing

The Ladies Sailing group is in full swing.  They met recently to plan their activities for the year.  They are starting with upgrading and planting our various flower beds.  They have several social events planned as well.  If you want to get involved, contact Nan Schulze.

Club Shelters

The large grill in the upper shelter was falling apart, and got replaced in time for Mother’s Day brunch.  We also have smaller gas grills in all shelters for club member use.  Feel free to use them for family gatherings and cookouts.  If you need to use the entire shelter, contact Vickie Greenough to reserve.

50th Anniversary Gala

Plans are well underway for our 50th Anniversary Gala.  We have several days of activities planned for club members, guests and past members.  Announcements will be coming out soon to let you know what activities are scheduled.


See you around the club and out on the water.


Geoff Endris