Social – September 2017

We have had several exciting events this summer!  As usual, our Lobster Fest was a great success as Eric Jones and his crew served up over 200 lobsters and grilled to order some mighty tasty steaks!  Eric spent hours just in the preparation for this event.  He did a great job coordinating with a Lobsterman in Maine to assure we had Live Delivery the night before the event. We made a few changes in check to the reservation and check in process and used bracelets instead of tickets to assure everyone received what they ordered.  All in all, it was a GREAT SUCCESS!!   A shout out to all involved!


Although I was not able to attend the Labor Day Barbecue, I understand David Knapp and his crew served up some wonderful Brats and Burgers!  Attendance was a little lower than anticipated, but a good time was had by all!  Thank you David for continuing to step up and host an event.


Our next social event is coming up October 14th, when we break up the two day Hornback Regatta with a Chili Cookoff!  Jennifer Curtis has offered to host this event again.  Although, with a little one on the way, she may be recruiting some extra hands to help her out!  This event will kick off at 5:00pm.  All those interested in participating in the Chili Cookoff should bring your Chili and fixin’s.  Those just wishing to sample and vote can bring a dish to pass as a contribution to the event.


Make sure you mark your calendars and Save the Date for the Final Bash, held on November 4th at 6:30pm.   Be on the lookout for more information from Perry Cameron as he is finalizing the details.


Vickie Greenough