Ship’s Store – August 2017

Ship’s Store


Good news and even better news. The good news is that members and their guests have been buying up the clearance items.  Look for the Ship’s Store at LobsterPalooza for your buying pleasure.  However, there still is a great deal of merchandise left to be purchased.  You can email the Ship’s Store and order merchandise now. ALL MERCHANDISE IS 50% OFF. Remember that many gift giving holidays are coming up:

August 13 International Left Handers Day (think of all the southpaws in your family);

August 19 National Aviation Day (every pilot will find the burgees for their rudders a necessity):

August 26 National Dog Day (even Fido needs a pocket coolie): and

August 29 Day against Nuclear Tests (????).

The special dates in the ensuing months are just as worthy of giving gifts. There are several items for which it will be difficult to sell all of them (e.g., around 175 pocket coolies, over 100 ceramic coasters and over 50 trailer hitch covers, innumerable combination key rings with bottle openers).  Every dollar you spend will go directly to the club.  So do your patriotic (to the club) duty and buy, buy, buy. We have a great number of 2017 ECSC Regatta t-shirts.  They will be available at LobsterPalooza or by contacting the Ship’s Store.


The better news is that we can now purchase logo merchandise from our new Ship’s Store partner – Coral Reef Sailing Apparel. The CRSA website will have higher end brands such as Gill and Helly Hansen. You would order and receive the merchandise online just like you would with any online vendor.  Since this is not a large operation like Amazon, please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery for embroidered items.  Because to the higher cost of setting up for silk screening of items like T-shirts, CRSA needs to have around 20 orders to maintain the price shown on the website.  CRSA provides sailing apparel for over 130 sailing clubs in the US. Even though our full website will not be live for a couple of weeks, there should be a limited website up by Thursday, August 11.  “Limited” means that not all of our ECSC apparel for the website will be shown on the site. Nevertheless, you can order logo merchandise shown anywhere on CRSA’s website catalog now, even if it is not on the limited site. You can find the limited website by going to”

The website for the CRSA is –

Happy Sailing,


Les Miller