Let’s Go Sailing

The sailing season has commenced!  The trees are quickly growing their lush coats of green.  Activity at the club is at its expected spring norm, and it appears as if approximately half the boats are already in their slips.  Other boats are getting fresh coats of bottom paint, wax, and various other last minute repairs prior to launch.  This is the spring Eagle Creek experience that we have all come to know and love!

Now that we are back in the thick of things, it is time to mention a few items.  In the last couple of years, we have noticed an increase in the number of motor boats exceeding the speed limit on the lake.  We have talked to the IMPD and the Park, but without a presence on the water, there is little either can do.  After further discussions with the park, The ECSC Board has authorized the use of one of the 48 hour slips for use by the Eagle Creek Park Ranger.  This action was taken as an attempt to enhance safety and speed limit rule enforcement on the lake while strengthening our club’s important relationship with Indy Parks.

Please be aware that the first slip on D dock is now reserved for the Park Ranger’s boat. The Park Rangers may also launch a personal watercraft patrol boat from time to time from our ramp. It is also possible, but unlikely, that Park Rangers might enter the club with lights and sirens blaring in response to an emergency situation on the water.

It is not clear how often Park Rangers will use our facilities. Regardless, club members should always be aware of their possible presence at our dock and on the water.  Please use this as a gentle reminder to obey park rules and observe safe boating practices.  That means PFDs for everyone on the boat, kids must wear PFDs, lights on boats after dusk, etc.

Remember that sailing quickly loses its fun when someone gets hurt.  Let’s stay safe and have a great season!