ECSC has become a member of the Yachting Club of America.  This membership allows our members (upon presentation of a membership card to ECSC) access to reciprocity at many of the finest Yacht Clubs in America.R.T. Moore also has YCA courtesy cards available on request to ECSC members. The level of reciprocity varies from club to club but often includes access to their restaurant/bar, facilities, and  transient dockage) In order to see which clubs are members and what the level of reciprocity is please visit YCA’s website at the link below.  You will need the userID and password that is listed below.


The Yachting Club of America (YCA) was founded in 1963 and was the first national association of yachtsmen and yacht clubs. Yacht Clubs throughout the U.S. (including Alaska and Hawaii and the Virgin Islands) are members.

Your YCA membership allows you to visit any member yacht club and make use of their facilities. All you need to do is call the club you will visit, let them know you are a member of Yacht Club of America (be prepared to give them information on your ECSC membership and that ECSC is a member of YCA) and you will be welcome for docking, dinner, etc. at their facilities. You have access to the YCA website listing all the yacht clubs, an extensive library and other related websites available to members. The YCA website is The ECSC Username is club1040 and your Password is y100446c.

As you travel, look up the name and location of the local yacht club and give them a call. Visit the yacht club’s website to review a list of the services that at available to you. This reciprocity opportunity that comes with your ECSC membership and YCA reciprocity can add another delightful event to your next travel opportunity . . . either by boat or land cruiser!

If you do take advantage of our YCA membership and visit another club, please let us know at ECSC where you went and some info regarding your visit. It will be good information to share with other ECSC members.

Happy cruising and thanks again for being an important part of ECSC!