February 1, 2017

Ship’s Store February 2017

The Ship's Store is moving ahead with finding a vendor that will take customer's orders directly through the internet and ship the goods directly to you. This system has many advantages to our current system and is used at many sailing clubs through the country. The Benefits include:
  • Eliminating the Club as a middleman.  We will just provide the service linked from our website.
  • Providing an expanded range of goods, sizes and styles.
  • Creating the opportunity for custom embroidery (sail # or boat name) in addition to our beloved ECSC logos.
  • Preventing the accumulation of out-dated old inventory sold at a loss to the club.
In the meantime, there is a great deal of leftover inventory from previous years including tow hitch covers, burgees, coasters, shirts, jackets, caps and more.  Since ECSC has already paid for this inventory, 100% of what you pay will go to the Club for our use.  So, all of you shop-a-holics need to go to the Ship’s Store on the ECSC website and start placing your orders.  Check out the web page catalog and buy key chains, patches, caps, etc. You will be getting snazzy ECSC stuff and helping out the Club.  Click Here for a Link to our Web Catalog Ship's Store Les Miller